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Summer Salad

09/14/2016 — Leave a comment

Our favourite outing in the summer is a trip to our local farmer’s market.  We go once or twice (sometimes even three times!) every week during the spring, summer, and fall.  We love taking our friends, family, guests, and visitors on this simple and fun excursion, before coming back to our home to enjoy all of the fresh food.


In this recipe, I combine my favourite, locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables into a lovely summer salad that will go well with any barbecue, potluck, or picnic with family and friends.

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During our lunch today, my son started dipping his watermelon into the olive oil on his plate. I thought that it was really cute. After watching him do this for a while, my husband decided to try it. “Hey! It is really good,” he said, “You should try it. The flavours really balance each other out.”

cucumber watermelon salad

I laughed skeptically and finished my meal, as I watched them continue to dip their watermelon into olive oil. Then my son started adding cucumber to the watermelon on his fork, and dunking both of them in olive oil. Continue Reading…