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When my Little Bear was a baby, he cried all the time, unless my husband or I was holding him and moving around with him. He had to be constantly in motion. If I set him down for just a minute to wolf down some food, or run to the bathroom, there would be continuous howling.


I didn’t know it at the time, but he was always uncomfortable from his severe silent reflux. Although all of his crying and fussing makes sense now, at the time I found it very frustrating because I couldn’t figure out how to fix his problems. I have always been a fixer, a doer, and a problem solver, and I knew that I was doing all of the right things for him, so I was completely baffled and slightly annoyed that I couldn’t soothe my baby.


“It will get better,” my husband would tell me, “At least when he is older, he will be able to talk and he can tell us what he wants.” For me, that was a glimmer of hope. Maybe when he was able to talk, I would be able to figure out what he wanted so that I could better meet his needs. Talking would open up his world for me so that I could understand what was really going on inside of him.


As the months passed, I waited for his first words to emerge.

They didn’t come.

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Since out little one has so many allergies, we introduced a system at our house where he trades in his collected Halloween candy for homemade treats and other fun items.



After my little guy had fun getting dressed up and collecting candy from the neighbours last night, the real entertainment began in a lively trade-off. Continue Reading…

I have had some questions recently from people whose little ones are having a hard time transitioning to solid food, so I decided to write more tips on what helped me as I encouraged our son to learn how to eat.


This post will expand upon my experience with feeding occupational therapy which I talked about in How I Got My Tot to Eat a Lot. Continue Reading…

“So what do you eat?” is a question that I hear a lot from family, friends, doctors, nurses, and even strangers at the grocery store. Although it is an interesting question, I sometimes have a tough time trying to answer it because I am not sure where to start.

real food

My family’s unique diet happened very gradually. And my incredible fascination with food, cooking, and experimenting in the kitchen happened by accident.

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Although my little boy loved to put things into his mouth, he refused to eat food. Every toy, every piece of dirt, and every hair he picked up went straight into his mouth. But if I placed any type of food in front of him, he would look me in the eyes and throw it on the floor.

He didn’t finger it, play with it, or even look at it. He just picked it up and dropped it on the floor. I would watch other babies happily making a mess, playing with their food, and eating it. They would be gobbling down different textures easily and I would wonder to myself, how did their parents get them to do that? Continue Reading…

From the beginning, our Little Bear needed a lot of tender loving care.   As a newborn, he had an upset tummy with frequent episodes of projectile vomiting (across the room), severe colic, gas pains, regular hiccups, stop-breathing episodes, and lots of choking, gagging, and coughing.


Because he was so uncomfortable, he was unable to sleep for more than forty minutes at a time during the day or the night.  He was uncomfortable all the time and he cried constantly, unless my husband or I was pacing the floors with him. Continue Reading…