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Before my son was one year old, we had him assessed by a naturopathic doctor. Among that doctor’s many recommendations was the suggestion to give him castor oil tummy massages.


Although it sounded like an odd suggestion to me at the time, I was desperate to relieve his discomfort, and I decided to try it.

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Since out little one has so many allergies, we introduced a system at our house where he trades in his collected Halloween candy for homemade treats and other fun items.



After my little guy had fun getting dressed up and collecting candy from the neighbours last night, the real entertainment began in a lively trade-off. Continue Reading…

One night while my adorable little bear was splashing in the bathtub, he released his little brown cargo into the bath water without warning. I am sure that this has happened to every parent, but the first time was still a bit of a surprise for me.


While trying not to think about what I was doing, and restraining my laughter, I pulled the plug from the drain to let the water out of the tub. Then my husband (who didn’t even try not to laugh) and I bickered about who would catch the floating debris. Continue Reading…

Have you ever noticed that a visit to almost any other developed country immediately provides some perspective to compare and contrast how differently we experience our food?


From a gelato to an omelette, from a paella to a souvlaki, and from a schnitzel to a gyro, every meal is prepared, presented, and served with a real sense of pride, joy, and love. You can see, taste, feel, and smell the difference in quality. Continue Reading…

One of my favourite methods of calming our stomachs is drinking this soothing tea made from marshmallow, licorice, and slippery elm. This tea is very healing and soothing to the gastrointestinal tract.

marshmallow tea

The marshmallow and slippery elm both contain mucilage which expands in water to become thick, like syrup. This slightly gelatinous tea then coats the mucous membranes of both the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract. It forms a protective lining that moistens and soothes. Continue Reading…

I was first motivated to find an alternative to conventional laundry detergent when my Little Bear’s sensitive bottom reacted to even the most gentle hypoallergenic laundry detergents. After trying several different, sometimes expensive, brands from local health food stores with varying results, I finally decided to try making my own.


Not only did the detergent actually turn out, but it was also gentle enough to use on my little guy’s clothes and effective enough to clean even the dirtiest diapers. I immediately became obsessed with it and have continued to make my own. Continue Reading…

“So what do you eat?” is a question that I hear a lot from family, friends, doctors, nurses, and even strangers at the grocery store. Although it is an interesting question, I sometimes have a tough time trying to answer it because I am not sure where to start.

real food

My family’s unique diet happened very gradually. And my incredible fascination with food, cooking, and experimenting in the kitchen happened by accident.

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I grew up on a farm, and as a child, my parents, grandparents, and neighbours always hung their laundry outside to dry.


Although I now live in a busy suburb, and it is not politically correct to display laundry outdoors, I have continued the farmland tradition for these ten reasons: Continue Reading…