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Since out little one has so many allergies, we introduced a system at our house where he trades in his collected Halloween candy for homemade treats and other fun items.



After my little guy had fun getting dressed up and collecting candy from the neighbours last night, the real entertainment began in a lively trade-off. Continue Reading…

These popsicles are a delicious treat on a hot summer day. Not only do they taste rich and creamy, but they also replenish electrolytes that may have been lost after sweating in the heat. These all-fruit delights are dairy-free, nut-free, and sugar-free.


They are so easy to make, but they also taste so refreshing and wonderful that one would never guess that they contain only a few simple ingredients! Continue Reading…

Kid Kebabs

08/19/2014 — Leave a comment

Kebabs are a great way to serve healthy whole foods including meat, fruit, and vegetables. Not only does food on a skewer always seem to appeal to kids, but it also always looks elegant.


There are endless arrangements including all meat kebabs, all fruit kebabs, all vegetable kebabs, and combinations of the different food groups. Kebabs are also simple and easy to prepare.   Continue Reading…

We often love to go berry picking at a local berry farm. Not only do we always have fun in the fresh air and sunshine, but we are also getting the most delicious, melt-in-your mouth berries. In addition, picking berries with a toddler is a priceless experience.

strawberry rhubarb crumble

By the time we have filled our basket, my little one’s hands and face are red from picking (and eating) fresh berries. As we walk out of the berry field, he keeps stopping to pick just one more. Continue Reading…

During our lunch today, my son started dipping his watermelon into the olive oil on his plate. I thought that it was really cute. After watching him do this for a while, my husband decided to try it. “Hey! It is really good,” he said, “You should try it. The flavours really balance each other out.”

cucumber watermelon salad

I laughed skeptically and finished my meal, as I watched them continue to dip their watermelon into olive oil. Then my son started adding cucumber to the watermelon on his fork, and dunking both of them in olive oil. Continue Reading…

Fresh fruit is one of our favourite snacks in the summer. This fruit dip is not only fun for everyone, but it also turns an end of meal treat into a fancy dessert.

fruit dip2

The light refreshing taste of coconut combined with a hint of honey make this dip a hit with many types of fruit including melons, berries, grapes, and bananas. Continue Reading…