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Carrot Salad

08/05/2014 — Leave a comment

This is one of our favourite salads. My little one not only enjoys helping to make it, but he also loves to eat it. He usually starts tasting it before we have finished preparing it.

carrot salad

This is a quick and easy side to prepare that goes with almost any summer meal.

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A stir fry is a great option for a summer meal since it cooks quickly and there is no need to use the oven. It is also a great way to add lots of fresh vegetables to a meal.


The best part about a stir fry is that it always looks great and tastes delicious. In this recipe, the mouth-watering taste of zucchini combined with the goodness of ground beef makes a really refreshing meal. Continue Reading…

We love to bake at our house!  Baking is one of our favourite winter activities for both my toddler and I.  Not only does he have fun making a big mess, but all of the mixing and measuring helps to develop his fine motor skills.  As he combines different ingredients, he is also learning to follow directions.

At the end of it all, the house smells wonderful and we (usually) have a tasty treat.  These carrot muffins are hearty and dense and they are so good that Papa Bear likes to take some with him to work.


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