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I have had some questions recently from people whose little ones are having a hard time transitioning to solid food, so I decided to write more tips on what helped me as I encouraged our son to learn how to eat.


This post will expand upon my experience with feeding occupational therapy which I talked about in How I Got My Tot to Eat a Lot. Continue Reading…

Dips are a great way to add calories and nutrition to a meal or snack. Kids not only love to eat with their fingers, but they also enjoy using their food to dunk and scoop.


Providing a simple dip can make a toddler’s meal even more fun.  Continue Reading…

When I first heard of chocolate avocado pudding, I was extremely skeptical. Our dietician gave us a recipe for it, and told us that it was a great way to increase the number of calories in our little guy’s meal. Although I love chocolate, and I love avocado, I wasn’t sure how they would taste when combined.

avocado pudding

The first time that I tried this little dessert was when my clever aunt made us a chocolate avocado pudding when she had us over for dinner. It was surprisingly delicious! Continue Reading…