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Here is a comfort food that I always look forward to on damp and chilly days.  This meatloaf recipe is not only healthy and delicious, but it is also simple to make and fun for kids to eat.


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For a healthy twist on a classic dish, this shepherd’s pie is made with rutabaga instead of potatoes.  It is an awesome recipe that leaves us feeling satisfied and energized.  Since rutabagas do not send our blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride like starchy white potatoes, this recipe leaves us feeling full and content until our next meal.


The warm freshness of the rutabaga, combined with flavourful ground beef, and a hint of apple makes this meal one of our favourite winter comfort foods.  Continue Reading…

Cabbage is one of my favourite vegetables to use in cooking. Not only is it extremely nutritious, but it is also very cost-effective.


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Kid Kebabs

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Kebabs are a great way to serve healthy whole foods including meat, fruit, and vegetables. Not only does food on a skewer always seem to appeal to kids, but it also always looks elegant.


There are endless arrangements including all meat kebabs, all fruit kebabs, all vegetable kebabs, and combinations of the different food groups. Kebabs are also simple and easy to prepare.   Continue Reading…

Mini Meatballs

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We make these simple little meatballs every week. Not only are they an easy and economical meal, but they are also handy to keep in the fridge or freezer for a nutritious snack or a quick lunch.

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A stir fry is a great option for a summer meal since it cooks quickly and there is no need to use the oven. It is also a great way to add lots of fresh vegetables to a meal.


The best part about a stir fry is that it always looks great and tastes delicious. In this recipe, the mouth-watering taste of zucchini combined with the goodness of ground beef makes a really refreshing meal. Continue Reading…

Now that the cooler weather is here, nothing warms us up more than a bowl full of this mineral-rich bone broth which has a very earthy flavour.  Not only is homemade bone broth is delicious and satisfying, but it also contains gelatin and many different minerals in a form that the body can easily absorb.  It can be served as a broth or used as a base for soup.  It also freezes very well.

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