Grain-Free Apple Pancakes

09/15/2014 — 3 Comments

These apple pancakes are perfect for a fall morning. With a nice light texture and a hint of cinnamon, they make a wonderful breakfast or a light lunch.


Not only are they rich and delicious, but they are also packed with nutrition since they are grain-free, nut-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free.

Serve them with applesauce or honey, and you have a complete breakfast that is compatible with both of the specific carbohydrate diet and the paleo lifestyle.

What you need:

6 Eggs

2 Apples shredded, with cores removed

1 Tb. Cinnamon

½ cup Coconut flour

What to do:

Beat together eggs, shredded apple, and cinnamon. Slowly add in coconut flour and blend until smooth. Use coconut oil to grease a frying pan and let the pan warm up on medium heat for a few minutes. Drop batter by spoonfuls onto pan and cook until they are a light brown. Serve Immediately.


3 responses to Grain-Free Apple Pancakes


    Yummmmmy!!!! These remind me of pancakes we make: 2 eggs, cinnamon, and a banana in a blender.



    Reblogged this on Food reblogged and commented:
    These sound amazing, like potato pancakes only better!


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